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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Reason Why

For a long time I have struggled with insecurity about my own creative process and if I had any of the necessary ability to actually impact anyone with that gift. I have always loved the beauty of the world around me - I feel extremely fortunate that from a very early age I was given the eyes to see and the appreciation to take in what is there. That being said, I also have always wanted to bring that ability to see and appreciate to others - to bring into clarity the beauty that the world is made of - no matter how small, how large, how insignificant or how grand it might be - if I can capture a small portion of the beauty in an element and have a person reflect and find something to appreciate or give pause for thought then I have accomplished that goal. As I grow and develop through my creative process I hope that those that view these pictures and comments will grow and develop in the areas that they need to as well. May you enjoy the journey.

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